chain reaction

Solihull Gallery
Dec 2012 – Jan 2013



Chain Reaction was the culmination of a year long research project with HIVE that sought to question what collaboration might mean in creative terms when artists work together during the instigation and progression of ideas and the production of artworks through personal interactions and reflections. Drawing upon our individual practice as a starting point, each artist created an artwork to provoke response through a series of exchanges. The evolving pieces challenged the notion of authorship and ownership and provided a basis for further discussion. It also allowed for our own enquiry questions to be shared within the group with the resulting collections informing future work.

Alongside the collaborative exchanges, time was dedicated to develop and articulate our individual practice within a supportive framework. Reflecting on my own art background, led to an understanding of the importance of the experiential, tactile and material qualities within my work. Developing strands of enquiry regarding the sense of touch allowed for in-depth research into theories of art conservation, haptics and the handmade; whilst explorations into a range of malleable materials and tactile exercises resulted in the creation of hand sculptures that were subsequently displayed within the exhibition.