St Alphege Church, Solihull
April – May 2011



DSCF0409A HIVE group exhibition of site-specific responses to Solihull presented as creative interventions in St Alphege Church. Through collective research and collaborative explorations, various areas around the borough were visited to gather inspiration and content for a body of work which responded to people, place and space.

Allotments, shopping centres, disused sports grounds and heritage sites all carried evidence of human activity over time; the imprint of the people that had lived or passed through the place. From engraved marks in stone, haphazard initials etched into doorways, discarded objects or earth forms of excavated soil, the traces of people create a hidden history of the area. By documenting these marks, voids, and traces through casting and printing, a new narrative begins to develop of presence and absence, of time and memory and the people that have made a place their home.